Our message for Ethiopian unity

AiDEMONEY’s Message to Ethiopia

Over the weekend, AiDEMONEY attended the Ethiopian Crisis Summit in Houston. The hall was packed, and the mood somber, as Ethiopians of all tribes and faiths gathered to show solidarity for their beloved country. As inspired Ethiopian diaspora shared their insights into the current crisis, one thing was clear: Unity and equanimity are the core of the Ethiopian character.

As we write this, Ethiopia is weathering a crisis of catastrophic proportions, one that affects every person in Africa’s second most populous nation and reverberates not just across the continent, but around the world. It’s a time that calls for collaboration, not division. We commend the unity that Houston’s Ethiopian diaspora have shown, and we are doing our part to fund efforts that promote solidarity and discourse during this challenging time.

Ethiopia has and will always be a prize for foreign actors looking to exploit her prime position. Sitting at the Horn of Africa, perhaps the world’s most strategic geographic location, Ethiopia has been sought after throughout history and, most recently, by colonial powers. From the Horn, one can project power, line of sight and dominion over Europe, Asia, Australia and the African continent. Italy notoriously met its Waterloo at Addis Ababa, a loss that sealed the fate of the once-thriving Roman Empire. Today, the global shipping industry —and countless others —are deeply dependent on the Horn; they simply cannot operate without the control or cooperation of Ethiopia.

Ethiopians are our brethren, and we are honored to be related to the people of this incredibly diverse, strong nation. During this difficult time, we urge Ethiopia to remain united and remain in discourse. Reject the colonial playbook of divide and conquer. And as external powers emphasize differences, convincing brother to turn on sister, choose the common bonds that define Ethiopia’s character.